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ilan ver

It is quite easy to buy earrings or other jewellery online but you ought to be conscious of the potential risks of online buying. Internet Retailer quotes IMRG, which states that there will be about 3.5 billion people shopping online by 2013 globally. The following 4 precautions will be helpful for you when you purchase earrings online or any other item that you simply fancy.

1. Beware of Fake Reviews

5 star ratings in your favorite earrings or any other items of jewellery will definitely impress you and tempt you to buy them immediately. However, it is quite possible that many online merchants hire people to write raving reviews of all many one at a time during a period of time. Many internet commerce companies even allow their own customers discounts or refunds when they write favorable reviews, whether the products or good or not. If required, check the profile from the reviewer on any social networking networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc. It's also advisable to check reviews of the same product on several platforms like Amazon, e, etc. to ensure that the comments are genuine.

2. Check Comprehensive Cost Disclosure

Many online stores who provide you with earrings or other jewellery online do not reveal all the costs involved until you have completed the checkout process. The hidden costs may be by means of extra shipping fee, an annual subscription, acquisition of special software or any other similar demands, which will boost the cost of your earrings around by 20% or more.

ilan ver

3. Counterfeit Products

Since you cannot verify the earrings physically in almost any website but has to pass the images and descriptions, it's very simple for the online merchants to claim full money from you and ship you counterfeit products. As it is tough to trace them over the net, coupled with the truth that they can be far away from you, it will likely be hard for you to take even any legal action. You will end up with useless or cheap earrings.

4. Orders That Never Arrive

Unless the companies are genuine, you will notice that they go ahead and take money and vanish. Even if you're in a position to refer to them as, they can develop excuses like 'Package stolen while in transit' or 'Delivery lost in mail', etc. Keep these things provide customer lists in your town with phone numbers and talk to them concerning the genuineness of the online merchant, that you are ordering your precious earrings.
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